Byrd Builders

The Builder as Selective as You Are

The founder of Byrd Builders, Matt Byrd, serves as builder, contractor, and superintendent on every home we build; supervising the building process and all subcontractors at the job site on a daily basis and ensuring that no detail is overlooked.

The History of Byrd Builders

Matt "cut his teeth" building and installing custom cabinetry and furniture. It was during this time that he learned how important it is to pay close attention to detail. This has since served as the foundation of his work product today and is visible in every aspect of our projects. After several years in the cabinet industry, Matt took a position as a superintendent of construction with a reputable local custom home builder. It was here that he not only learned to build, but formed a philosophy that still holds true today.

Our Philosophy is Simple

Our philosophy is simple; choose quality before quantity, build a team with the best subcontractors and staff and organization is the key to success. By taking a small number of homes at a time, we are able to give each project our full attention and participation. We are hands-on both on-site and off-site. By creating a team approach and environment that encourages communication with homeowners, architects, and subcontractors from the initial design all the way to completion, we are able to build your home in an organized manner. During construction, we focus solely on the quality of our builds so that you can be worry-free throughout the process.

How We Work

Virtual Progress Tracking & Scheduling

Long-distance relationships are no problem. We keep our homeowners up to date on construction progress with weekly photos uploaded to a private online photo album. We take pride in our efforts to make ourselves accessible to you through frequent communication, site visits, personal meetings and phone conferences. Additionally, at the start of each project, a detailed construction schedule will be prepared and followed throughout construction. Between weekly photos, updates and a construction schedule, you will not feel out of the loop as to what is going on with your project.

Quality Subcontractors

We know that our work is only as good as the partners we work with, so we have built long-standing relationships with the best in the business. We select only those subcontracting companies whose owners share our hands-on approach and we personally supervise them on our building sites.

Dedicated Bank Accounts & Financial Reporting

For each custom home-building project, Byrd Builders opens a job-specific bank account. All funds are deposited into this bank account, and all bills are paid from it. Once a project begins, you will always know where your project stands with our current financial reports. Sent via email, these detailed reports show all checks written to date and include a job-cost summary reflecting the original budget, forecast, incurred costs, variance and the projected cost to complete the home. We are completely transparent and there will be no surprises.